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Our Male Enhancement Tonic is a powerful all Natural Herbal Forumla, which contains the most Potent Aphrodisiac herbs on the planet. Herbs that have been used and treasured in herbal medicine for generations due to their excellent male enhancement qualities. This Powerful herbal forumla works in three phase process:First: It revitalizes and strengthens the organs that are part of the sexual and reproductive process, especially the kidneys, testes, prostate, urinary tract and penile tissue.Second:It’s carefully selected herbs contain phytochemicals that are scientifically proven to elevate testosterone production as well as promote improved hormonal balance. These compounds also have a positive effect on the nervous system leading to overall mood improvement and anxiety relief.Third:It greatly enhances blood circulation in the body as a whole and to the testes and penile tissue in particular.Using our Male Enhancement Tonic regularly will cause an amazing transformation in your sex life. You no longer have to suffer from erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire or diminished sexual performance.On the contrary, you can enjoy revitalization of your sexual health!!.Your Libido and sexual desire will be greatly enhanced. Your sexual performance and stamina will see a major improvement. Your erections will be bigger and harder leading to more intense and more pleasurable orgasms. Ultimately leading to a happier and more confident you, in and out of the bedroom!!.*****These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.Ingredients:Organic Macca Organic Ashwagandha Organic Catuaba Organic ShatavariOrganic Tongkat AliOrganic Moringa SeedsOrganic Moringa leafOrganic Yohimbe Organic Black Seed Organic Horny GoatOrganic Suma RootOrganic SchisandraOrganic Sage Organic Muira Puoma Organic Cardamom Organic Anise Organic DamianaOrganic Saw Palmetto Organic Ginkgo BilobaOrganic Tribulus TerrestrisOrganic Foti RootOrganic Eleuthero RootOrganic Panax Ginseng Organic Sarsaparilla Organic Avena Sativa Organic ClovesOrganic Ginger Ultra Purified Water.

Free Shipping Inculded, to 48 Lower states. International Shipping NOT free.

Male Enhancement Tonic 8oz

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