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Sea Moss (Green) Full Spectrum 8 oz

~ Wildcrafted From Saint Lucia ~ 100% Natural & Wild

Our Wildcrafted Sea Moss (Green) is imported directly from the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia. Our Sea Moss (Green) is harvested and dried then export to us with nonone in between. leaving the Sea Moss (Green) as is, the sea water is not rinsed off so you will notice a small amount of dried sea salt. Absoutly no salt added. 100% Authentic Sea Moss.

Sea Moss is Reported to contain a 92 nutrients out 102 the body needs for daily function, including iodine, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, Sulfur, Iron, and Silica. Also loaded with Selenium, Phosphorus, Manganese, B Complex Vitamins.

~ Size: 8 oz

~ Free Shipping

Green (Full spectrum) Sea Moss 8 oz

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